About Me

I am Marieke van den Broek, a 21 year old, Dutch, Landscape Architecture student from Wageningen University. My interests are quite broad: I can express myself in abstract art but I also try to live as eco-friendly as possible. Plastics are swapped for nature-bond products and all that is sustainable has my attention.
Since childhood I have developed a passion for photoshop. When I was 12 years old I found out about the world of blogging and webdevelopment. My hobby developed into a passion and I tried to transform my passion into a study. I decided to study ‘Communication and Multimedia Design‘ in Utrecht. However I found out that the study was not for me, with as a result a gap-year. After visiting all the universities in the Netherlands, was my choice came down to Wageningen. Here I applied for the ‘Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning‘.
In the first year I’ve learned about how landscapes exists and all the systems of it. Soil, Water, Ecology.. you can name it! My curiosity turned into an eagerness to learn about nature. In the second year my passion for designing turned into action. That year I was able to expand my skills through several designs, which you can find in my online portfolio. The choice for an online portfolio was made due to my former hobby: webdevelopment. The Third year started with a minor at the Technical University of Delft. Here I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge. Classes about Nature turned into technique lessons filled with futuristic urbanism.
At the moment I am finishing my bachelor degree in Wageningen. What I’m going to do after this bachelor? I have no idea.. Currently I am on a quest to finding a Master that comes in line with my interests.
Got curious? You can find me on LinkedIn or contact me.

January 16, 2018